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Welcome to AWEGA GREEN

We are first to make India prosperous by establishing
world-class Research and Development in HEMP innovation and sustainable technologies based on GREEN and ECO-FRIENDLY solutions that provides our Services decisive edge by equipping them with internationally competitive systems and solutions.

We provide superior quality scientific, engineering and technical expertise in accordance with applicable accreditation standards, to support emerging market demands for new product innovation and existing product improvement, and to develop and maintain collaborative partnerships with other agency laboratories to achieve corporate goals and objectives.

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Mila Kunit


  • We are the first to create the expedition on a professional platform for the Engineering R&D of Industrial Hemp in INDIA.
  • We provide Consultancy and Engineering support to Young Aspirants to contribute their GREEN ideas into reality and to upscale it for a commercial value for the betterment of the society.
  • We’re creating an archive of Research and Development of hemp-related products and Engineering
    information where we Synergize the Environment with the Technology combined to create HEMP-powered technology.
  • We’ve worked on certain hemp applications such as Hemp Biodiesel, HemP™ Exhaust Muffler, Filter of vehicles, Hemp SMC Plastic Body Panels for vehicles and also simultaneously working towards developing further applications of Hemp.
  • We’re open to working with entities engaged in Engineering Research & Development in the Material Science, Civil, health and nutritional food, medical, energy-efficient industries and various Hemp applications.
  • We invite you to partner with us in Engineering and development of sustainable and world-changing ideas which empower Hemp and its varied uses for the benefit of our Environment.

the vision

“To create a “Tomorrow” wherein the energy consumed will be Synergized by the Greenresources using Technological Innovations for a sustainable society, thereby proliferating the socio-economic & ecological solutions that we provide to our consumers.”

the mission

“To lead & grow in providing Sustainable and Eco-friendly solutions using the advance technologies for everyone to realize their Green World dream by using the 3 D’s Ideology Discover, Develop, Deliver.”

the Goal

“To Explore and Innovate Engineering Applications of the Industrial HEMP for the betterment of the Ecosystem and the Nation.”

Development Timeline

01 Apr 2020
01 Apr 2020


  • Product Manufacturing & Sales of Cannspirator.
  • Won Textile Grand Challenge 2020, Startup India. 
  •  Production & Sales of HemP™ Exhaust Muffler. 
  • Completed Cannspirator HN95 testing Successfully.
01 Apr 2019
01 Apr 2019


  •  Product Development & Manufacturing of HEMP Bags.
  •  Production & Sales of HemP™ Exhaust Muffler. 
  • Completed MVP for the Hemp Optics. 
  • Completed prototyping of Hemp EcoPLY. 
  • Planning to start project “HRB”.
01 Apr 2018
01 Apr 2018


  •  Filing of the Permanent Patent on the HemP™ Exhaust Muffler.
  • Completed R&D on the Hemp SMC Plastic body panel for MOPED.
  • Working on R&D of the HEMP Bags. 
  • On going project on the Hemp Optics.
  • Planning for the Hemp EcoPLY composite a replacement for Wood.
01 Apr 2017
01 Apr 2017


  • Filed a Provisional Patent on the HemP™ Exhaust Muffler.
  • Filed a Draft on the Permanent Patent on Biodiesel Manufacturing Process.
  • Started R&D on Project Hemp SMC Plastic.
  • Started the R&D Analysis on the Project Hemp OPTICS.
01 Apr 2016
01 Apr 2016


  • Achieved Zero CO Emissions with Hemp Biodiesel.
  • Filed Provisional Patent on the Biodiesel Manufacturing Process.
  • Started R&D on Project HemP™ Exhaust Muffler.


Study about Hemp and its Application.
• Research and Data Analysis.
• Started R&D on Project of Hemp Biodiesel.

Our Team

We are a happy team.

Karan Sarsar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Aniket Shirole

Project Engineer, Product Design and Development Engineer

Manish Patel

Business Operations Head
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